29.11.2024 Rage (Germany), Brummi

25.00 €

29.11.2024 Rage (Germany), Brummi

Saksan legendaarisimpiin speed-/powermetalyhtyeisiin lukeutuva Rage juhlii jo 40-vuotista taivaltaan. Luvassa on valtava maailmankiertue, joka yltää Suomeen marraskuun loppupuolella. Kulttuurikuppila Brummin syksyyn 2024 kuuluu ehdottomasti myös Rage!

Raivoista menoa on luvassa, joten osta jo ennakkoliput Ragen Brummin keikalle. Tulossa on myös samaan iltaan yhtye lämmittelyyn, jonka paljastamme lähempänä keikkaa.

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40 Years in RAGE – 4 Decades of Heavy Metal

1984 was the year in which the foundation stone was laid for the career of a band that is still as active 40 years later as it was on the first day. We're talking about RAGE, of course, who started out as AVENGER before changing their name. Now, Peavy Wagner - one of the iconic legends of the German heavy metal scene - is celebrating RAGE's 40th anniversary with an extensive world tour. They will even play in countries where the band has never been
before, despite their long career. Gone are the dark days of pandemic restrictions and Peavy Wagner and his band Rage will Celebrate the band's anniversary with their fans all over the world in 2024. Of course, there will be a very special live set, a real foray through the career of the metal institution from Herne. Alongside tracks from the new anniversary album due for release in 2024, fans of older and previous albums can be sure to get their money's worth. Under the guidance of their frontman, Rage have enjoyed four extremely successful decades, producing some of the finest and most respected albums in the annals of metal - from the monumental and groundbreaking Perfect Man, the legendary Trapped! and The Missing Link, to the darkly aggressive Black In Mind and the beguiling End Of All Days, to true pioneering work on the orchestral album XIII and current classics such as Wings Of Rage and Resurrection Day. The band proves that despite their long career, they are not old hat yet, every time Peavy, Jean and Lucky conquer the stages of the world. Anyone who experiences RAGE live is guaranteed to confirm one thing: The Best is yet to come!

Get your tickets now and feel the Rage at Brummi on November 29th 2024!
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